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Top 7 Best Hoverboard Reviews| Buying Guide| Must To Know in 2018

Thanks for landing in this article named Top 7 Best Hoverboards and Buying Guide 2018.If you want to buy your first hoverboard, then our reviews will help you the most to make a fabulous decision.So keep reading UL 2272 certified best hoverboard reviews 2018.

Guys, when it comes to knowing about the best self-balancing scooters aka Hoverboard to buy then a little homework is a must. But to make your path more relaxed, we come with the best honest reviews of UL 2272 certified hoverboards.

Some people may call hoverboard as smart balance wheel or hoverboard segway, but in this article, we will refer it as hoverboard.

In our reviews, we mainly focused on the features, attributes, advantages, and disadvantages from the user point of view to make you understand which one suits you the best.

Best Hoverboard Reviews

Before getting into the reviews, just take a look to know the hoverboard controversy at its early age. The fame of hoverboard was spreading at a very rapid rate, but some user starts complaining about the problem of battery short-circuit even firing and thus it seemed like an isolated issue. But then it begins to be very common in each of the hoverboards. This situation got so out of control that the CPSC(Consumer Product Safety Commission of United States) needs to take some action in early 2018 and they announced an Official recall of the hoverboards.

As we all know that hoverboards are the best gift that casts everyone’s attention for both kids and adults in any occasion for gifting purpose or for personal use.From the available list of hoverboards now present in the market, it’s very complicated for an average consumer to select the best product as all of the hoverboards to come with a message that these are safe, and anyone can use without any issues. But those products might come in a beautiful look, but no one can even imagine how dangerous it could be in later.

So to buy a hoverboard people need to do some homework to get the best and safest one with the best features. So if you read the full article of top 7 best hoverboard reviews and buying guide 2018, then you will definitely get the best one and don’t need to look for a second opinion.

Here we give reviews only seven (7) products which are best from both the point of view of Safety and Quality to help you by achieving your goal. We will also help you by splitting all the features and tasks of that device.For this purpose, we have listed only seven models of hoverboard which are best from all the point.

Let’s start to break down what you should be looking for in your first hoverboard in 2018.So, without further ado, let’s take a close look at the comparison chart.

Best Hoverboard Reviews (UL 2272 certified) Comparison Chart

Hoverboard ModelMax Weight LimitMax SpeedBattery LifeBluetooth
Halo Rover264 lbs10 mph2 hoursyes
Swagtron T1220 lbs8 mph1.5 hoursno
Segway Minipro220 lbs10 mph3 hoursyes
Razor Hovertrax 2.0
220 lbs8 mph2 hoursno
Epikgo All-Terrain Scooter265 lbs10 mph1 hoursno
Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard380 lbs12 mph1 hoursbest bluetooth
Koo Hoverboard220 lbs6 mph1 hoursyes

Choosing the right hoverboard is not so easy. For this reason without making any more confusion lets tell you a term which will eliminate all the controversy regarding hoverboard firing.

The first thing needs to knock your mind regarding the hoverboard safety is UL-2272 certification. To know more about UL-2272 [click here].

UL2272 Certificate, The UL standard 2272 is the one regulating hoverboards. The hoverboard that has a legitimate UL 2272 certification is entirely safe. Depending upon this certificate we can quickly tell you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the hoverboards that are currently in the market which we include into our review list.

This certificate will eliminate all your quarries, and you won’t be having second thoughts anymore…

If you want an expert review then keep reading for top 7 Best UL2272 certified hoverboards Reviews and Buying Guide in 2018.

1. Halo Rover Hoverboard (Best Overall & Most Safest)

best hoverboard halo rover

Halo rover hoverboard is a Product which doesn’t need any introduction and conclusion for its quality and safety. User satisfaction and comfort both are the key concerns of this product. Regardless the gender and age this hoverboard is best for every one of your family.

It’s a compact piece of art by its manufacturer, When building it, they considered its user from every age as it’s self-balancing and safest for the newbie.

The Halo Rover All-Terrain hoverboard comes along with high-density aluminium fender wings, large all-terrain tires, and max weight limit of 260 lbs.

This halo hoverboard is a versatile unit which meets the massive demand of the consumer by providing all the latest safety standards and can handle lots of terrains, including grass, dirt, and sand. The user can use it roughly as it has a sturdy body. It covers No Fall Technology in the form of Ride-Assist, which helps the hoverboard upright and balanced at all times while it’s turned on.

Regarding the battery, the halo rover Hoverboard is a UL2272 certified and comes with a UL 2271 Certified FireSafe LG Battery for a relaxed ride throughout the year.

Let’s see test results of Halo Rover Hoverboard.

  • Test Results
  • Superb Battery (UL2271 certified Firesafe LG Battery) Quality with one (1) year warranty
  • Covers latest No Fall Ride-Assist Technology, and includes a free hard-shell carry case
  • This model has three riding modes (learning, standard and advanced)
  • This unit is entirely water and dust resistance and has been IPX4 Certified.
  • Halo Rover Hoverboard offers up a Bluetooth App that can connect directly with the Hoverboard and allows you to play music through speakers on it as well track battery life, mileage, and location and has excellent front LED headlights with rear brake lights to keep you visible at all times even in the dark.
  • Maximum speed is up to 10 mph and a range of up to 10 miles and charging time 2.5 hours.
  • Its weight is a little bit heavy (32 LBS)

After doing a vast review with all the best available Hoverboard in the market, Halo Rover Hoverboard can take the Rank #1 among all. This unit comes for both parents and kids with powerful dual 400 Watt Electric Power Motors to cover a weight limit from 44 LBS to 260 LBS by its wide 8.5-inch tires. By purchasing this product, you can have the taste of service from a well known reputed manufacturer as well.

The Halo Rover comes equipped with Ride-Assist Technology that always keeps the hoverboard upright when powered on for this no one falls, and this seemed the crown of all its features.

Many of the Amazon reviewers reviewed this unit with an outstanding grade and suggested this for both teenagers and kids as it’s safe and satisfying.

We just hope, our picks of top 7 best hoverboard reviews and UL 2272 certified Hoverboards buying guide helps you to find the best-fit products.

2. Swagtron T1 (Best Hoverboard in Budget with Safety)

best hoverboard swagtron T1

Swagtron T1 is a loveable Hoverboard for sure. Its difficult to find out someone who is fond of Hoverboard but don’t know the name of Swagtron.

Yes… it’s the first self-balancing scooters among all other brands. Swagtron is a leading brand among all the existing brand.It has some other models under the same belt running in the market nowadays.

Swagtron T1 is a UL 2272 Certified model which ensures the quality of the electrical safety standard and battery protection. Nothing needs to tell as every one knows about the fire controversy of battery happened in China in the early age of the Hoverboard.Not only UL 2272 certified but also Swagtron covers the feature of  Sentry Shield™ system that mainly encases the battery in aluminum, so for this reason if the system fails there will be no firing in the cell. For user benefits, the manufacturer comes with silicone wheel arch scratch protectors for the hoverboard.

The speed of Swagtron T1 is less compared to the average speed of hoverboards in our list, for this reason, it’s the best selection for the kids.T1 comes with the feature of “learning mood” which draws the attention of the beginners.

With a maximum 220lbs lifting capacity, it provides an outstanding user experience which starts at the downhill traction options, and this is perfect for slight inclines in your driveway, or on your street, so you won’t lose control while heading downhill.

So if you are ready to buy it, please read this part carefully and take this as a warning that there’s shorter-than-average battery life. While we use any device, it’s very irritating when we wait for the device to be fully charged as well when any kids become impatient to use the gadget.

The manufacturer left some space for improvement regarding the protection around the outside of the wheel. The actual wheel is not fully covered, and when we think this for the kids, this will not be the first choice due to the lacking of this protection.

We have done some more tests to make you clear about this Swagtron T1 So just look below

  • Test Results
  • Regarding the battery, it comes with a UL2271 certificate and the Gadget is UL 2272 certified.
  • With a 220lbs capacity, it comes with a 300-watt dual electric scooter motor
  • self-balancing and lightweight body with a Learning mode option
  • the maximum speed of 8+ mph that ranges to 12+ miles
  • It comes with Battery indicators and Rubber bumpers
  • The Lithium-Ion battery takes 2-3 Hours to be fully charged
  • Chassis around the pedal buttons are terrific.
  • Top of all the feature of Sentry Shield™ system for which it will give you 100% safety for your battery from firing.
  • It will not provide any app and does not have any speaker built-in.
  • Equipped with LED headlights but could be more Brighter

The thing that we like about the Swagtron T1 is its self-balancing system along with its lightweight body and at the downhill traction options which we mentioned earlier.Swagtron T1 is perfect for slight inclines in your driveway that you don’t need to worry about to lose control while heading downhill.

So to experience a smooth ride on any surface, it will not give you an option to complain.  And the Sentry Shield™ system it the best feature from the point of safety.

We can guaranty you that it’s the only one that can build a bridge between your budget and quality that you want from your gadget. It will cover maximum feature in your budget.

The Amazon reviewers also mentioned it as the most desirable due to its price, features, and quality. If you like it, but you want to experience some more luxuries, then you have to spend some more for Swagtron T6 which you can see below in this article. But if you wish  T1 right now at your budget, then this can be the best selection of yours for Hoverboard without compromising the safety.

3. Segway miniPRO (Best Hoverboard for battery life and comfort but expensive)

best hoverboard segway minipro

If you want to show your SWAG, then you have to think about the Segway miniPRO. It’s a killer product to race against all the Hoverboard that have a bunch of features. It has a classy look along with its knee steering bar which can be extended according to user need.

Segway miniPRO is not only UL 2272 certified, but also it’s the first Hoverboard which got the UL 2272 Certificate in may 2016.

If you are tensed about the battery life, then this product is best for you. The manufacturer of Segway claims that this can go up to 14 miles with a single full charge and the reviews of Amazon user emphasis on that point and suggested that it has the best battery quality among all other available hoverboards. This hoverboard continuously shows the battery level in its front display.

Considering durability Segway miniPRO is the best Hoverboard present in the market.Like the Swartron, Segway miniPRO also comes from a well known and reputed manufacturing company.

It comes in two different colour, the black, and white colour and both have red accents on them.

It has a dual 800-watt powerful engine which takes it up to 10 miles per hour. This unit has large 10-inch wheels, but for this, it is sure to be a very capable hoverboard that can easily handle all surface like grass, gravel, cracks and even small steps.

Our tests result given below…just have a look……

  • Test Results
  • Long lasting battery and covers up to 14 miles with a single full charge, though the numbers may vary on different terrains.
  • Self-balancing with a very user-friendly knee steering bar with a dual 800-watt powerful motor
  • It can take up to 220LBS, and with the 10-inch wheel(pneumatic air-filled tires) it gives a military grade shock absorption to the user, and the overall exoskeleton is light-weight and made out of durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy
  • Comes with a Bluetooth app that offers a secured Anti-theft security and remote control operation, Anti-theft alarm, speed control, vehicle diagnostics etc.
  • The user can customize the light of LED to any colour using the app
  • It can handle grass, gravel, cracks and even small steps.
  • Price a little bit high.

Top of all the anti-theft security, speed, battery life and the Knee steering are the key feature of this product.The control over the hoverboard that this segway miniPRO gives is just incredible and massive. For this, the kids will find it more interesting

It’s the first Hoverboard that gets UL 2272 Certificate. Thus it provides the highest safety, and its manufacturer is also very reputed.

The person who has a good budget will not go anywhere or for any other opinion and just buy this segway miniPRO. The comfort that the padded knee bar give is just remarkable!!! miniPRO provides perfect control over the Hoverboard.

To give you an honest review we must say the price is the only demerits but the experience that this unit offer to its user is fantastic. So I must say this transportation device is for you if you don’t have any a headache regarding the price tag. Its super lasting battery makes itself a super premium item for its user. LED is bright enough for the user.

At last but not the least, I can say the knee bar steering control is much more magnificent then the only dependent on foot-pivot steering…so if you want a great ride to forget about the price tag and give your self a chance to have a fantastic Hoverboarding with the masterpiece name segway miniPRO.

4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 (Best hoverboard for smooth travel)

best hoverboard reviews razor

The best thing that comes to my mind just after unboxing the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is its battery….you might ask, what is unique in it ??? yes… it comes with a removable battery, and the battery is apparently UL2271 certified, and the unit is UL2272 certified, which is the indicator that it meets all the electrical safety standard when you’re using it.

Hovertrax and Swagtron both the product come from the same manufacturer, so the quality of both products remains excellent. The anti-slip rubber pad emphasis its beauty with comfort. Its finishing gives itself extra support for a smoother ride as the device will auto-level itself .one exciting thing about the product is that it comes with rubber guards on the wheel arches, so you don’t have to spend extra money to buy the rubber guards.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is mainly a  traditional 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard.This 2.0 comes with a two-mode option like training or learning mode and one for regular cruising.This machine comes with LED lights which have a dual colour option along with the LED battery indicator.

As we mentioned earlier, this Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has its “EverBalance” technology, so you don’t have to worry about the tumble away of the board from you if you fall or dismount while riding it. You might thought this seems minor, but it’s an elegant feature, but this will make the board the best fit for the for novice riders.

Let’s see the bottom-up approach of the hoverboard as the test result below

  • Test Results
  • This device’s 350-watt dual hub motors can get you moving at up to eight miles per hour
  • Excellent electrical safety rating—above and beyond requirements
  • The rubber is an integral part of the board, so it seems like this would be a little more secure than the silicone guards that come with other boards
  • Features two riding modes so safe for the beginners with 6.5-inch wheels
  • Provide 100% battery protection and UL 2272 certified hoverboard, and it meets or exceeds all fire and safety standard.
  • 220lbs weight lifting capacity
  • The protectors of the wheels are flimsy, so the manufacturer needs to do some more work in that area.
  • Battery lasts for only 60 minutes for a full charge.

The Board comes with a technology called “EverBalance”, which is an above-average aid for steering and this differs itself from all other boards available in the market.

While you are cruising, this board will auto-level for a smoother ride that’s why riders recommend this for travelling. But the question of the battery life always remains in the mind of the user as it lasts for only 60 minutes for a full charge.

As it seems a slightly higher-than-average price point, there’s a bit of space for improvement on this model.

As always Razor’s name comes with excellent warranty information and customer service. So you will not get any chance to complain about the customer service that you will get from the Razor.

Rozar wants their name to back in the spotlight, so this product will make their path easier to meet the goal. So if you want a smoother ride, you can surely go for it.

Keep reading this article of top 7 best hoverboard reviews (UL 2272 certified ) and Buying Guide to pick the right product according to your wish in 2018.

5. EPIKGO All-Terrain Scooter (Best Hoverboard for Adults and Youngsters)

best hoverboard epikgo reviews

While thinking about the Hoverboard, it seems like a toy for the kids, but it features, and the enjoyment that it provides casts the attention of all ages people. And while focusing only on the adults or youngsters, The EPIKGO All-Terrain Scooter comes in the first position among all other product available in the list. It’s not us who oriented this product for the adults, but the manufacturer mainly focuses this item for the new growing market-Adults.

The EPIKGO brings us a 30% bigger product which covers more weight capacity and power. As it comes with a never-seen-before 8.5-inch wheel with solid rubber tires, so adults find it very attractive for their hoverboard experience.

Its standing space makes it an ideal decision if adults to have a hoverboard that can ride on grass and gravel. Every rider wants to have the taste of riding on the beach without worrying about the hoverboard, so this time it ensures you that support. It comes with a certificate of IP 56 which states that you don’t need to worry about it getting wet, short of submerging it in water, it is entirely waterproof.

With the broader standing space, it gives an extra benefit for the user to have additional stability when going over rough terrain. As users stance is a little wider so, it’s undoubtedly an attractive feature to the user for both comfort and controlling point of view.

The distinctive feature that takes its rank towards the top is EPIKGO’s fast-charging technology which allows getting the full 10-12 miles of range with a two-hour charge, which is pretty impressive.

Now the roaring question might knock your mind, Yes !!! about the safety regarding the battery getting overheat or firing.

You don’t have to worry as the board is UL 2272 certified, and this ensures the quality of the battery and electrical safety standard of the Hoverboard.

Let’s have a bottom-up approach test result below…

  • Test Results
  • EPIKGO come up to the super tough tires to get you the ride in any terrain, and the 400W dual motors (one of the powerful motor in Hoverboard business) that allows going up a steeper incline in sand, puddles, dirt or grass with the self –balancing feature.
  • It features the ability to ride over 18-degree slopes.
  • The EPIKGO’s fast-charging technology allows you to get the full 10-12 miles of range with a two-hour charge and as UL 2272 certified so don’t need to worry about the quality and safety regarding the battery.
  • This product is super durable and water resistant, but even if you encounter an issue, their warranty and customer service is going to get you out of that problem.
  • It comes with the LED light which is very bright and works well at night. It provides maximum visibility in darker areas
  • Wheels are 30% larger then the traditional Hoverboard and The bigger standing platforms supports extra control over the board, but there is a scope for improvement in the protection of wheel.
  • This unit has a 265lbs maximum weight limit, so this is great for the adults.
  • User will get an average of 1 hour or 12 miles.
  • No Bluetooth app and no built-in speaker.
  • The giant is really expensive.

Along with its strong body, it comes with a little bit weight itself about 31 LBS, so the rides need to keep in mind that it has sufficient charge to ride it back home. Otherwise, that’s going to be a long walk carrying this heavy unit.

This unit suits best for the adults with great comfort and safety regardless extra features like Bluetooth app or speaker. The Epikgo’s Fast-charging technology takes the first place to kill all the additional features and keep your mind cool with the UL 2272 certificate confirming all electrical safety standard of the hoverboard.

As the product is adult oriented so, the high price some time seems reasonable compared to the quality and support that EPIKGO All-Terrain Hoverboard provides to its user. It has the most robust motor that any other hoverboard have, and we love the power coming from its motors.

Safety doesn’t really come at a poor budget as like the comfort and outlook. While riding a Hoverboard, the rider needs a peace of mind to enjoy a pleasant ride. So to get this durable piece and take its enjoyment. So to get extra stability when going over rough terrain, this is a high pick, just have to pay a premium price.

6. Swagtron T6 off-road hoverboard (Best Hoverboard for adults , powerful motor with high quality speaker)

best hoverboard swagtron T6

Guys, don’t think we are biased by Swagtron, but in the field of Hoverboard, the alternative name of quality is Swagtron, as we told earlier that it’s a well known reputed manufacturing company.

it’s time for the T6, yes!!! Your guess is right.

It’s an upgraded version of T1, but this time it’s a premium item for your deluxe ride.T6 come for the long run, and most importantly this unit is reliable and performs as promised.

It’s the first in the world to handle over 380lbs, and there’s an immense amount of power behind these motors to handle over 380lbs. Any rider can fell the power of the motor of T6. It takes the first position in gifting purpose for the adults. Its body and powerful motor make it the all-terrain version that’s certain to get adults riding in style and premier power.

This time they attached the speaker to kill other available products as the speaker is very loud and provides high-quality sound even riding the hoverboard through gravel and thick mud. Don’t need to worry about the app; the app is superb to maintain a clear vision of your distance, battery life and more.

The unbelievable feature of T6 is it can handle 30 degree inclines with a  powerful motor along with a 10inch tires that can dominate the playing field. But as tires are air-filled, so we mind keeping in mind before going over sharp rocks although it is said to be an off-road hoverboard.

The comfort of the foot grips lack compared to Halo rover and Segway miniPRO Hoverboard, but weight lifting capacity and ability to handle the incline up to 30 degree is a thing that emerged with the inception of hoverboards is, without the shadow of a doubt.

Many overweight people keep a hidden desire for hoverboarding, but no board seems perfect for them. So, to make them smile definitely this hoverboard is an ideal gift for the overweight person who has the hidden desire. T6 will give a smoother ride with outstanding speed for sure.

This unit is itself heavy about 32 LBS, so while you are on a ride keep in mind to go back to the starting point and monitor carefully on to the battery level. If you failed mistakenly to do so, then your ride will be a disaster and have to carry it by yourself and whole path this heavyweight unit will look at you shamelessly.

Let’s see the test results below….

  • Test Results
  • The T6 off-road hoverboard has a 12-mile range, and the capability to reach powered speeds of up to 12 MPH.
  • The T6 can handle up to 420 lbs as the first board to lift this amount of weight.
  • UL 2272 certified so don’t need to worry about electrical safety standard.
  • Can handle the incline up to 30 degrees as you travel through mud, grass, rain, and even gravel
  • Comes with a Bluetooth App to visual of your distance, battery life, and more along with a built-in speaker (loud and high-quality sound)
  • Front LED light is bright enough to use the hoverboard at night.

Just like the EPIKGO mentioned above the Swagtron T6 is another excellent option for adults due to its high speed and power.

This time a premium quality service comes along with a high price tag, but there is a space to improve while talking about the foot grips and also the battery life should be a bit longer as consumers paying a higher price.

But for a reliable and robust durable board, one has to forget about the budget.

Top of all, the capacity to handle the incline up to 30 degrees with the best weight capacity casts the attention of hoverboard lovers among the adults, but the lack of battery life is definitely a downside.

We just hope, you loved our list consisting of Top 7 best UL 2272 certified hoverboard and loved this article.

7. Koo Hoverboard (Best Budget friendly Hoverboard)

best hoverboard koo reviews

Someone wishes but can’t meet just because of the budget.
Yes!! Sometimes its price tag seems not to be friendly. But while a person is serious about hoverboarding and wants to have one, then we need to come to a point when both the supply and demand meets. The story is all about a person to get the best hoverboard according to budget. But whatever the price is, we need to focus on the safety first. So, for this reason, the KOO Hoverboard is on our list.

You can easily dream to have a hoverboard, but due to your lower budget, you can’t lose your arm or leg for it.So considering your safety KOO hoverboard is the best match for you according to money that you want to pay for it.

The KOO Hoverboard is the least price hoverboard which is UL 2272 certified with excellent reviews by its user. While the unit is UL 2272 certified, then it confirms the entire electrical safety standard along with the protection and quality of the battery.

It comes with the maximum weight limit lifting capacity of 220lbs for both kids and adults (weight limit 44lbs  to 220lbs ), and this board can handle inclines of 15 degrees with the maximum weight that it carries. Also, it’s a self-balancing device so while riding this you don’t need to keep in mind that you have paid least and compromising with your safety, just forget everything and enjoy the ride.

Our test results are below

  • Test Results
  • UL 2272 certified device that confirms the electrical safety of hoverboard.
  • A self-balancing and lightweight device, its weight is about 22 pounds, which is very less for this kind of device.
  • Koo Hoverboard has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so just connect your phone and play music.
  • This machine gives six miles per hour with its 6.5″ tire size and with a dual 350-watt brushless gear motor.
  • With the front LED lights it comes with a stylish and fresh outlook.

If you don’t want to wait any longer then just grab it right now. This one if the safest board for least payment but if you go for any competition then this hoverboard will not take the first position when it comes to looks or features. But it will ensure you a safe ride with a friendly budget.

Koo hoverboard would likely be a great first hoverboard purchase if you’re curious and don’t want to wait anymore ….amazon reviewers seem very happy with the product and after sale service of the product. This personal adult transportation device can fulfill all your requirements within your budget.

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