bluetooth hoverboard pairing

Bluetooth Hoverboard Pairing | Connection Guide

Bluetooth hoverboard pairing-So now you have a fantastic hoverboard in your hand, and it gives you the feature called Bluetooth Speaker. Just do a single step to play your favorite music from your cell phone while you ride your board.Keep reading “Bluetooth hoverboard pairing guide” to pair the hoverboard with your cell phone.

But the issue is, you don’t find any option to establish a connection between mobile device and hoverboard to take your first ride with music.bluetooth symbol

So the given steps below will help you how to connect your hoverboard to your cell phone or any device that has Bluetooth feature.

Bluetooth hoverboard pairing steps bluetooth pairing hoverboard

  1. Just turn ON you hoverboard, and if it starts appropriately then depending on your model it might say “Bluetooth mode” or give a second beep tone to indicate you that Bluetooth is ready to pair. hoverboard Bluetooth module simply turns on when your hoverboard is turned on
  2. Then just move to your cell phone and open up settings then Bluetooth.
  3. Search/ Scan for new nearby available devices(the signal from the hoverboard is “discoverable” until you connect the board to your phone)
  4. While the hoverboard is on your available device list then just press the hoverboard device to link to it.
  5. The hoverboard will make a beep tone to notify you that a connection between mobile device/cell phone and your hoverboard is not connected.
  6. Go to your playlist and play your favorite track just by Hitting the play button.


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